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Ish Kumar Jain

Master's Student
Electrical Engineering, New York University



Welcome to my Home Page.
I am from India and currently pursuing my Masters in Electrical Engineering from New York University, Tandon School of Engineering. I have interests in the field of Wireless Communications and Networking.
I graduated from IIT Kanpur, India in 2016, where I completed my B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. My undergraduate thesis is on Rendezvous Algorithms for Cognitive Radio Networks.


I have taken the following Relevant Courses.

Courses at NYU:
Probability and Stochastic Processes
Internet Architecture and Protocols
Scientific Computing

Networks and Mobile Systems
Advanced Machine Learning
System Optimization Methods

Network Modelling and Analysis
Principles of Massive MIMO

Communications and Networking:
Principles of Communication
Communication Systems
Digital Communication Networks
Topics in Distributed Systems
Convex Optimization
Wireless Communications

Signal Processing & Robotics:
Signals, Systems & Networks
Digital Signal Processing
Statistical Signal Processing
Image Processing
Selected Topics in Image Processing
Probabilistic Mobile Robotics

Statistics and Algorithms:
Probability and Statistics
Statistical & AI Techniques in Data Mining
Data Structures and Algorithms
Fundamentals of Computing


I have been involved in the following interesting Projects.

Research Project on Wireless Communication

Topic: "Analysis of MIMO Two-Way Decode-and-Forward Relay Network with Finite Feedback"
Supervisor: Dr. A. K. Chaturvedi, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur.

  • Analysed the recent work on MIMO Two-Way Amplify-and-Forward Relay Network with Finite Feedback.
  • Studied, in detail, the MIMO Y Channels, its Precoding Design, Mapping and Diversity Gain.
  • Implemented Precoder selection criterion and Signal Space Alignment Techniques on Two-Way Decode-and-Forward Protocols.
  • Achieved Improvement in Diversity and reduced Symbol Error Rate(SER) verified by simulations.
  • Currently working on closed form mathematical expression for SER and Outage Probability.

Chameo (A colour Sensing and production device)

Electronics Club IIT Kanpur

Published : "Study of use of Water based Solvent in Ink Homogenization."
International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology. Vol. 3 - Issue 7, July 2014.

  • Studied the colour homogenization and its production with the use of water based solvent, through experiments.
  • Fabricated a device which can sense and produce same colour using different proportion of CMYK ink and solvent.
  • Hmm

Video on YouTube

Self Balancing Platform

Electronics Club IIT Kanpur

  • Made a platform which is balanced horizontally with the help of three motors, irrespective of the movement of the base at the bottom.
  • Used an accelerometer and gyroscope based IMU to get the feedback of the tilt of platform and processed the signal in an Arduino Mega.
  • Applied PID control and kalman filter algorithm to stabilise the platform obtained by precise movement of servos in real time

Video on YouTube


2 Metrotech Centre, 9th Floor, 9.131. Brooklyn, New York, NY, 12001.
Mail Id: ishjain [at] | Phone: +1 (347)-570-2502
Resume updated on April 2018